Yoga Modifications: How to Make a Practice Your Own

Upcoming Dates: Saturday, November 7th, 4:30-7pm, $30-45 Sliding Scale, Register Here

This workshop is geared towards those looking to adjust their practice due to physical ‘limitations’ and injury, to find expansiveness and freedom in the body. Together as a group, we will look at common injuries sustained in both everyday life and yoga through improper alignment. We will discuss how to modify for pain and discomfort in the lower back, wrists, knees, sacro-illiac joint and sciatic nerve. As time allows, we will address individual cases and discuss modifications and options for group classes. In order to address the specific needs of participants, pre-registration (and an included survey) is strongly encouraged. 

Third Root Community Health Center

380 Marlborough Road

Brooklyn, NY 11226



Self Massage: Movement and Myofascial Release

Upcoming Dates: There are no upcoming dates at this time.

Learn simple stretches and deep-tissue release techniques for a deeper sense of relaxation. Through yoga you will learn to warm up the body; through self-massage and “ball rolling” you will release tension in the muscles, freeing oxygen and blood flow. Expect to feel relief in the hips, shoulders, and back as well as more relaxed in the nervous system. All with simple household items to take home!

Time: 3 hours


Yoga Anatomy Series with Alicia Ohs

The Yoga Anatomy Series is a great way to deepen your understanding of the body, and learn tips and tools for protection. Each workshop focuses on a particular area, and is great for students, teachers and those with injury ready to deepen their awareness.

# 1 Understanding Your Knees

# 2 Understanding Your Pelvis and Hips

# 3 Understanding Your Shoulders and Wrists


Understanding Your Knees

In this workshop, we’ll cover the basic anatomy of the knee and how to work safely.

Learn how to test ligaments in your knees and how to protect them in your yoga practice and daily life.  All levels welcome.  Great for runners, those who are injured and any students who wish to deepen their practice.

Understanding Your Pelvis and Hips

In this workshop, we’ll cover the basic anatomy of the pelvis and how it relates to the hips and lower back.

From the perspective of breathing, we’ll explore our tendencies to help or hurt our bodies and learn practical solutions for various symptoms.  This workshop is great for those with lower back pain, sciatica, sacro iliac (SI) joint pain and other lower back and pelvic related issues.

Understanding Your Shoulders and Wrists

In this workshop, we’ll cover some basic anatomy of the rotator cuff and arms.

Learn to build strength in the arms, openness in the shoulders, and how both of these benefits can affect your wrists. We’ll discuss common injuries in the shoulder, learn wrist exercises and how to protect the both in your yoga practice.

 For more information or to arrange a booking, please contact Alicia.