Alicia’s classes are a balance between vigorous Vinyasa flow, breath, anatomical awareness, self reflection and care.  She encourages students to take mental and physical journeys by deepening internal awareness, challenging the body and adjusting their practice based on individual needs.  She also hope students can bring this practice to their daily lives, by noticing compassion and ego and finding the balance between them.  Alicia strives to create an experience that is open, exploratory and humorous and that invites lightheartedness as well as commitment.

Alicia specializes in yoga for youth, activists and those dealing with injuries. She has taught classes and workshops at Third Root Community CenterThe Audre Lorde Project, Sylvia Rivera Law ProjectFIERCE!The Icarus Project and at The Omega Institute, and classes in studios in upstate New York (Satya and Sadhana), New York City (Third Root, Kula Williamsburg, Park Slope Yoga, OM Yoga) and Berkeley, CA (7th Heaven Yoga).

She is available for private classes.